The Best Person in TV News for 2018 - No. 4


For the 4th Best Person in TV News we head out to Tulsa and find KTUL Reporter Maureen Wurtz.

Wurtz’s work has been featured on FTVLive many times, she truly is a Reporter that gets it. She knows how to write to the video as well as anyone in this business, whether they are working in local TV or the network.

Wurtz is a Photographer’s dream to work with. There is no doubt that she looks at the Photog as an equal on each and every story. She writes to the pictures and works with the Photographer to make the story the best it can be.

There is no ego with Wurtz.

Often times her stories do not include a stand up and she only looks at stand ups as a transition device in a story.

There is no doubt that Maureen Wurtz. is by far and away the best Reporter you have never heard of. She does a great job for KTUL, but she clearly should be gobbled up by a big market, she’s that good.

And that is what lands her on FTVLive’s Best list for 2018.

Check back next hour to see who makes the 3rd Worst on the list.