Kicking the Can

in 1991, the Supreme Court hearing talked about a pubic hair on a Coke can.

Yesterday, it was about beer, farting and the “Devil’s Triangle.”

We really have not come far in the past 27 years.

Maybe, if we nominated another woman to to the Supreme Court, we could kick the can out of the hearings.

Just saying…

Also, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was born on Feb. 12th 1965. If he was drinking beer in high school in 1982, he would not have been 18 years old as he said. He would have been 16 or 17 and the legal drinking age was 18. He made a point of saying the legal drinking age was 18. But, he was not that age in 1982.

I did not see anyone point that out.

Also, “Devil’s Triangle” is not a drinking game according to Google or anyone else I asked.