Kavanaugh Hearing Plays 2nd Fiddle in Charlotte


While much of the country was glued to their TV’s watching the Judge Kavanaugh hearing, Charlotte stations broke away from the coverage for breaking news.

Cox’s WSOC had bumped ABC coverage of the Kavanaugh hearings to sister station WAXN at around 1:30 PM to report a body had been found which may or may not be Maddox Ritch, an autistic 6-year-old boy that had been reported missing.

WBTV (Graycom) broke in briefly with the bulletin but went back to CBS Kavanaugh coverage.


WSOC was the only local station on the air when Gaston County police confirmed that they believe the found body to be that of Maddox Ritch. A tearful Allison Latos (herself a new mother) and Erica Bryant were live at that time.

By 2 PM, WBTV as well as WCNC (Tegna) and Fox O&O WJZY were live with the Maddox news. At 2:05 WBTV’s Brigida Mack told viewers “we need to go back to the Kavanaugh hearings”. WCNC also rejoined NBC coverage moments later.

WJZY was the last local on the air at 2:15 still reporting the Maddox news (they had been simulcasting Fox News coverage).