EIJ Kicks Off in Baltimore


With all the news going on, you might be surprised to learn that there is also a Journalism convention going on in Baltimore right now.


The RTDNA’s Excellence in Journalism conference is happening in B-More.

There was a day when newsrooms almost shutdown when the RTNDA convention was going on. Now the group has change it’s name to RTDNA and the convention has become a “must attend” to a “I doubt I’m going to go.”

“I’m at the convention, but I spent most of the day in my room, glued to the Kavanaugh hearing,” said one mid market News Director to FTVLive.

In fact many were seen watching a hotel TV or streaming the hearing on their phones at the convention.

Others took in the different workshops, like how to get the assholes out of the newsroom.

Of course that would not leave many people left to report the news.

Others made some trips outside the hotel.


These people headed to a cemetery, where they took a smiling selfie…… in a cemetery.

The convention continues today and tomorrow.

Hello, World!