Former Tribune Employee Details Reports of Racial Insensitivity


Former Anchor Cynthia Thomas released a podcast on Wednesday titled “Express Yourself” detailing bullying and harassment she received after reporting an anchor for what she deemed racially insensitive comments while the mics were hot.

She doesn’t state the station but a google search will tell you it was Tribune’s WGNO (New Orleans) and she doesn’t mention the anchor but a google search of weather girl turned anchor at said station will give you that answer.

She claims that she went to management and corporate and nothing happened and said in retaliation, the anchor went behind her back calling her crazy to her co-workers. Creating such a stressful environment that she’d had enough.

She also discussed feeling like she wasn’t valued after investing three years with the company. She told listeners to stay true to themselves and said she hopes to be on an anchor desk one day.

You can listen to the podcast below: