Donkey Kicked to the Curb


Back last week when hurricane Florence was still making her way to the mainland, WTOC (Savannah) Meteorologist Jamie Ertle called a weather blogger a “drunk donkey” during a Facebook live.

She apologized for the comment, but she has not been seen on WTOC since.

Her comments were directed at Mike Boylan who runs “Mike’s Weather Page” on Facebook and he has lots of fans.

When Ertle called Mike a “Drunk Donkey”, Boyland brushed it off and quickly started selling Drunk Donkey merch on his page.

But his fans have not let up on Ertle and have posted all over social media and flooded the station with calls and emails.

The station has benched Ertle in Savannah, but some online posts say that she was seen filling in on Raycom’s FOX station in Augusta, GA last weekend.

Going from Savannah to Augusta is sort of like going from Double AA to single A in minor league baseball.

Her comment “Drunk Donkey” comment on a Facebook Live seems kind of tame to the other things we have seen said on social media.

How long the station is going to keep her on the bench (lot of sports analogies here) is anyone’s guess?

But, I’m thinking that she has been there long enough.

It wasn’t the worst comment and as we said, the guy she directed it at, has already moved on.

Maybe it’s time the station does as well.