Charges Dismissed Against Reporter


A judge dismissed a contempt of court charge against a former KWWL (Waterloo) Reporter over a courtroom video she shot the day after reality TV star Chris Soules' arrest.

Elizabeth Amanieh, who has left the TV station, was charged after shooting cellphone video against a judge's orders during the initial hearing for Soules on April 25, 2017.

Judge Fae Hoover Grinde of Cedar Rapids made the ruling Thursday in Delaware County District Court. Grinde found Amanieh did not act with willful or wanton disregard of the court’s orders.

“As a journalist when you come to the court you play by the court’s rules,” Grinde said. “In my estimation she made the wrong call.”

Amanieh went so far to send a press release to FTVLive in which she put the blame on KWWL and it’s management.

“KWWL may have been wrong in ordering me to record video on my phone, but they also took no ownership of their actions,” she said in the release, adding “Even though I followed the directions of KWWL management, they used me as a scapegoat. Instead of standing beside me, they covered up their own actions at every step.”

No word on if Amanieh plans on continuing to pursue a Journalism career.