Now It's Gone

Yesterday, FTVLive called out KTTV (LA) Anchor Elex Michaelson after he whined that he was working very hard and doing so without a teleprompter.

FTVLive pointed out that working long hours WITHOUT a teleprompter is hard. But, I’m thinking that the firefighters on the front lines trying to save lives are having a slightly more miserable week than you.

Many of the first responders have also lost their own homes in the fires, yet they are at work each day trying to save lives and property.

After FTVLive’s story was posted, it seems that Michaelson might have seen that his tweet sounded petty and he deleted it.

He did not post anything about the deleted tweet.

But, let’s give him props for at least realizing (even if it did take an FTVLive story) that tweet was not a good look.