Cut Us Some Slack


FTVLive has told you how Fox O&O KTTV has dropped the ball the past week on two very big stories.

For hours, they were the only LA station not be be live on the coverage of the awful mass shooting that left 13 dead at an LA bar.

And they were late on their breaking coverage of the wildfires that are now sweeping through the Golden State.

When some viewer pointed out how bad the station’s coverage was, KTTV Anchor Elex Michaelson chimed in.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 2.06.19 AM.png

I’m sorry, but this is the job that Journalists sign up for. I’m sure working long hours WITHOUT a teleprompter is hard. But, I’m thinking that the firefighters on the front lines trying to save lives are having a slightly more miserable week than you.

And they don’t have time to bitch about it on Twitter.

Let’s hope these Blazebusters do their job, so Elex can leave his air conditioned studio and get some sleep as well as some words in the prompter.