This Really Was All About Me TV


FTVLive spent the first part of the week in South Florida and while there we watched a bit of local news.

We watched WPEC’s early morning newscast and if it wasn’t on at so early in the morning, it would make for a great drinking game.

I don’t know if this it is the consultants to blame or Morning Anchor Kristen Chapman, but this woman interjects herself into almost every single story she reads.

Here’s an example of there stories that ran in a row.

There was a story about the death of comic action writer Stan Lee. While talking about the story, Chapman said, “"My Facebook was full with remember when" while talking about Lee’s live.

The next story was about Petco no longer selling dog food that contains artificial coloring. As Chapman read the story she interjected with “I would never give my dog food like that.”

The next story was about an elephant that got loose in New York. “They say elephants never forget, but they do sometimes need directions, just like me….” Chapman said in the story.

It went on like this for the entire newscast. Once you noticed that she did this, you could not stop noticing.

I really don’t think the viewers are that interested in this Anchor that they need her thoughts and info about her on every story she reads. But, it seems like she thinks they do.

I very rarely watch local news anymore and now I know why.

Watching this newscast got more than annoying.

Although it was nice to see Weatherman Chris Farrell still doing his thing on the morning newscast. I hired Chris at the station years ago and he’s still there. As to how many years ago, I’m sure Chris and I know I would rather not say.

Flipping around the dial for the morning newscasts in West Palm, Scripps owned WPTV was solid and I believe they are still No. 1. But, I thought that Hearst owned WPBF put on the best product.