Ratings Will Shoot Up by 50% with this One Move

NECN Anchor Brian Shactman

NECN Anchor Brian Shactman

The new News Director at NBC’s Boston media outlets (WBTS, NECN), Ben Dobson has come up with a plan that is sure to boost the station’s ratings ten fold if not more.

The new edict is more the station’s male Anchors to stop wearing ties.

I know, mind blowing, right?

Dobson said the move to ditch the neckwear is an effort to mirror its viewers, whom he believes are less likely to wear ties on a daily basis thanks to evolving workplace dress codes.

“We want to reflect our audience, and the tie is a barrier between us and the audience,” Dobson said. “It’s a piece of cloth, and if we can remove that, and reflect our audience better than we are now, we think it’s a more comfortable viewing experience.”


I have never been a big fan of ties, but banning them from the station?

Some viewers watch the news in their underwear, should the Anchors at the station start doing that as well?

Audrey Mansfield, visual stylist for NBC-owned stations, said that female anchors and reporters also have seen slightly relaxed wardrobe guidelines in recent years, but that viewers may not notice much of a change to the in-studio attire of female anchors.

Wait…. NBC has a “visual stylist” on staff?

How much does that job pay?

As for those out in the field, Mansfield says that, “When our reporters are in the field, they’re dressed for the environment and the story they’re reporting,” Mansfield said. “If there’s a train derailment, they should be dressed so that they could potentially help someone. If there’s a prison escape, their dress will reflect that they could be a part of the search party.”

So, will NBC Boston Reporters be soon strapping on a badge and gun on the next prison break?

Also, when a Reporter gets up in the morning, they have no clue if they are going to cover a prison break or a train derailment? Are they supposed to pack clothes for every possible scenario?

Also, you want the Reporter to dress like they are going to help victims, or find a missing inmate? It hard enough to get these people to carry the tripod.

As for people thinking that the ban on ties is making their Anchors look less professional? Mansfield says, “On set, they’ll still be wearing a nice shirt and full suit. They’ll still have a very nice collar, and be very well-groomed. It is one piece of clothing we are taking away.”

I’m no “visual stylist,” but if you start taking away a lot more clothing, I can assure you ratings will go up.