That Didn't Take Long


Yesterday, in a Patrons only story that we posted around 5AM, FTVLive reported that WTTG Anchor Annie Yu had left the DC Fox O&O.

Despite the fact that Yu had been gone from the station for over a week, station management had told the staff nothing.

It appears that Yu is being courted by stations from coast to coast, including at least one or two in DC.

With Yu gone and station management not telling employees anything as to why, rumors were flying.

Station insiders say that WTTG GM Patrick Paolini even sent his assistant into the newsroom to clean out Yu’s desk. One staffer said that as soon as Yu’s desk was cleaned off, Anchor Holly Morris moved all her stuff over to Yu’s old desk.

Just hours after FTVLive posted the story, WTTG came out and publicly said that Yu was gone. It took over a week and an FTVLive story before management would acknowledge the news.

The station then announced that Reporter Cori Coffin was being bumped up to Yu’s old job, anchoring weekend mornings.

You have to wonder if FTVLive never did the story, would WTTG management have ever told the staff that Yu was gone?

WTTG seems to believe that leading a staff by scare tactics, intimidation and secrecy is quality management skills.

Here’s a hint.

It’s not.

Yu has not said anything and has posted numerous times for viewers to “stay tuned” on her next move.

As to where she is headed, we don’t know, but one WTTG staffer said to FTVLive, “I don’t know where Annie is headed, but I sure as hell wish that she would take me with her.”

It seems others would like to get out from under the dictatorship at Fox 5.

Stay tuned….