It Costs Almost Nothing


Yesterday, a friend of FTVLive said that she hesitated on becoming and FTVLive Patron because she thought it was expensive to do so.

If you are thinking the same thing, let us clarify this for you. Becoming and FTVLive Patron starts at just $5 a month or just 16 cents a day.

That gives you access to stories that are exclusive to our Patrons and there is over 70 stories posted for you to read.

Of course, you can sign up and pay more, but that is totally up to you. Also, you can cancel at anytime.

We have some Patrons that are giving FTVLive $100 or more a month, but you can join us for just $5.

So, if you are not an FTVLive Patron, please think about becoming one.

It also looks great on your resume.

Here’s a link to find out more.