Kind of Exclusive

WWMT's (Grand Rapids) Political Reporter Nick Minock did an "exclusive" interview with President Trump. 

How did a Grand Rapids Reporter get to lob softballs at the President? WWMT is owned by Trump's friends at Sinclair.

So, the station's "exclusive" interview was also "exclusive" on the Sinclair stations in at WJLA in DC:

And WRGB, Schenectady.

Along with KATV in Little Rock.

And WNWO, South Bend, er, I mean, Toledo.

And even at WGXA in Macon, GA.

So, now you know why Trump is happy to have Sinclair in his hip pocket and how between the two of them, they can control the message to much of the country.

When they buy up Tribune, they will be able to do so even more.