Sinclair and Tribune are Close to a Deal

FTVLive was the FIRST to report that Sinclair was looking to buy the Tribune stations. 

Now, it appears that both sides are close on an agreement and just need to FCC to relax ownership rules, so they can sign a deal.

Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner told people that they had cut a deal with Sinclair to give Trump more and favorable coverage during the campaign.

This is why they did it. 

Sinclair figured if they sucked up to Trump, they could get him to put a patsy in charge of the FCC and give Sinclair what they wanted. They want to the FCC to lift the ownership rules, so the company can buy up more TV stations.

The ownership rules, which have been in place for decades, were put in place to stop exactly what Sinclair wants to do. The company wants to own so many TV stations, that they all but control the message and set the advertising rates in television. 

It is likely that the FCC will back off and relax the ownership rules in the next week or two. 

After that happens, don't be surprised that within the next day or so, Sinclair announces that it is buying the Tribune stations. 

It will all happen thanks to the company's cozy relationship with the President. 

How will this impact the viewer?

Along with getting the muddled news from Sinclair, they will also likely pay more for their cable bill. With Sinclair in control of so many stations, they will have the upper hand when it comes to retransmission fees. 

Retrans is where TV stations are making a bulk of their money now-a-days. Sinclair can force cable companies to pay them more and that extra cost will get passed along to the consumer.

So, with all this bad....why will it happen?

Because, Trump will have a huge media company that will help get out his message and not question his actions. And Sinclair grows so big and basically will have a license to print money. It's a win for Trump and a win for Sinclair.

As for everyone else?