MSNBC's Non-Scoop on Trump's Taxes

President Trump will not release his tax returns and it could help answer so many questions. It appears that the President surely has something to hide and of course at one point he promised he would release his taxes and then said he would not. 

Yesterday, MSNBC spent hours teasing the fact that Rachel Maddow had gotten her hands on Trump's tax returns.

It was being billed as a major scoop....but sadly, like so many times in cable news, the story came nowhere close to the hype. 

The tax returns that Maddow got were from a dozen years ago and it was only two pages. 

The 2005 return showed that Trump made $150 million dollars and paid $38 million dollars in taxes. Not exactly earth shaking stuff. 

It was a stunt that likely will give Maddow big numbers for the night, but in the end hurt her for overselling a scoop, that in reality, was not that big of a scoop. 

But, it did piss off Sean Hannity over at Fox News. So, in that case, maybe it was all worth it. 

BTW- Did Hannity call Maddow , "one of the Trump hating Hoes...."?

I think he meant to say "Hosts", but it sure sounded like "Hoes" to us.