Tapper vs. Conway

I kept seeing on social media about the "must see" interview between CNN's Jake Tapper and Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway. 

CNN media critic called it "an interview for the ages."

So, we decided to watch it and my reaction after doing so?


The interview was NOT one for the ages. Not even close. 

It was Jake Tapper saying over and over again that the White House is being mean to CNN and calling them "fake news."

It was like watching tow kids on the playground, "you're ugly"...."no you're ugly"...."not uh....you're ugly."

How is this an interview for the ages?

Conway kept trying to bring up bigger issues, like healthcare for vets and Tapper would reply with, "I would love to talk about vets...." but then go right back to talking about Trump saying CNN is fake news.  

How is two people, that won't answer each other's questions and "interview for the ages"?

I could go on with my take, but let me share a post from Dianne Shenton. 

Shenton posted this reply to Brian Stelter on his Facebook page and she sums up exactly what I'm trying to say and does it much better then I could. 

If CNN would start listening to what few viewers they have left and stop listening to themselves talk, maybe they could get the train wreck back on the tracks. 

Here is Dianne Shenton's post: 

I'm so frustrated, Brian. CNN has spent the last 3 hours, during a day when there is plenty of news worthy of coverage (meaning things that are NEW and relevant to people's lives), obsessing about the administration's altfacts and defending yourselves. You are proving Michael Wolff's point.

If CNN wants to stand up to the attacks and prove your legitimacy, you would simply return to a 75-25 balance of content to context. In recent years, you have gotten that ratio backwards at best. It has made CNN less legit and has dumbed down your audience, just like Fox News (although for them it is intentional; I don't believe it is for CNN

Your entire network seems to now be on alert to defend ad nauseam every absurd Trumpism about the media. That approach is as shortsighted and reactionary as Trump himself.

The only way CNN can win back those of your former audience who have turned the channel is to be what they found valuable: journalism that increases the public's knowledge about what matters. 

It is time, Brian, don't you think?

BTW- Stelter never replied to Shenton's post.