There Goes the Credibility

OK imagine if you will that you just screwed up a big story on your station's newscast. 

You messed up a big fact and now the News Director has called you and the show's Producer in her office to discuss this mistake and talk about disciplinary action. 

You're sitting in the ND's office, waiting for her to come in and sit down with you. 

She walks in looking like this: 

Kind of hard to take her seriously now isn't it?

I get why the kids like using these filters, but Cristi Jessee is a News Director in Las Vegas. She's the boss, not some 10 year old. 

Do you think that Fred Friendly (Google his name kids) would posted pics like this? When you're the boss, you are expected to act like it and posting pictures like this does nothing for your credibility. 

Imagine when Jessee tries applying for a job at say a CBS O&O. CBS boss Peter Dunn does a quick Google search and up pop these pictures. Do you really think this is going to help her get the job? 

Think people! It's your future....