Chicago Anchor Off the Air with CTE

Back in April of last year, FTVLive told you that WMAQ Sports Anchor Mike Adamle was missing from the NBC O&O's air. 

Last night, the station feature a story on Adamle, a former NFL running back and why he hasn't been seen on the air for almost a year. 

Adamle has the symptoms of CTE.

CTE was brought to light for many people in the movie "Concussion" which featured Will Smith as a doctor that showed that NFL players were dying, do to repeated hits to the head. 

Adamle’s neurologist, Dr. Michael Smith says that Adamle’s seizures are post-traumatic epilepsy, attributed in large part to his football career. But it appears they were just the beginning.
Adamle now has dementia and what doctors believe could be Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy, also known as CTE.

Here is the station's report that aired last night: