What the Hell?

While most stations and News Directors are locked in Feb. Book mode, some are playing games. 

WWSB Sarasota News Director Jennifer Hardy has lined her office window with fake Oscar statues and has come up with a contest for the newsroom. 

Yep, instead of focusing on the Feb. Book, let;s play the fake Oscar game.

Hardy sent out this internal email, which was obtained by FTVLive: 

Now, first off, is it really good to play a high school popularity contest in a TV newsroom? Between the egos and the backstabbing, this could get ugly. 

Also, why the hell are you doing this crap in ratings? I would want my staff fully focused on the book and not thinking which co-worker is, "most likely to trip on the red carpet?" 

Sorry, but if this was my News Director, she would win, "Most likely to lose her job after the Feb Book".

But that's just me....