News Photog or Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

It seems that a Photographer at Fox O&O KSAZ has a few Reporters more than a bit scared to work with him. 

The longtime Shooter is known for his lead foot and Reporters fear for their lives while riding with him. 

The Photographer is know to run red lights and has had a number of near misses in the company news car. car.

Station insiders tell FTVLive that this week, the Photog ran two red lights on the same day and the Reporter was visibly shaken when they returned to the newsroom.

Reporters have told management about the Shooter's crazy driving, but it has fallen on deaf ears, according to station insiders. 

We're sure when the inevitable car crash happens, The Firm might take the complaints a bit more seriously. 

Of course, they will with the lawsuit that will follow as well. 

Stay tuned....