Here's Your Sign....

KNXV (Phoenix) Reporter Christopher Sign is scheduled to have one of the Skype seats at Today's White House press briefing. 

So basically, Sign will be sitting in a press conference, despite the fact that he is across the country. 

Now normally a Reporter showing up a press conference is not really news, but the Scripps station thinks that in the world of "all about me" TV this is HUGE!

And despite the fact that Trump has signed all kinds of executive orders to ban Muslims, build and wall and kill off Obamacare, it appears that Sign has no idea what to ask the President's flack Sean Spicer? 

So, the station is now asking viewers to tell them what their Reporter should ask?

Now does the station ask viewers what their Reporters should ask at the local school board meeting? How about the city council meeting? 

Do they post a promo saying that their Reporter will be sitting in at the Mayor's press conference? 

I'm sorry, but a Reporter sitting in on a press conference is not news and it's not some reality show.

Stop making this shit about you and start doing your job. And if you need the viewers to come up with your the Reporter and hire the viewer to replace them. 

Let's see where this KNXV story ranks on FTVLive's Bullshit Meter:

Yep...just as I thought.