Shepard Smith: President Trump is Lying

President Trump held a rambling press conference and announced that he was going to stop calling CNN "Fake News."

Trump has downgraded to CNN to "Very Fake News" and on that, we have to agree with the President.

On just about everything else he said? Not so much. 

I'm not sure what is going on with the President, but there really does seem to be some serious issues with him. The man certainly seems unbalanced and given the fact that he is our President, that is more then a bit scary. 

When Trump announced that he was running for President, CNN could not get enough of him. They took uninterrupted live coverage of all his rallies and was his biggest cheerleader. CNN boss Jeff Zucker would walk into Trump's office unannounced and sit down and talk. CNN media critic Brian Stelter gushed that Trump once touched his phone to look at primary results.

But then the relationship between CNN and Trump started to sour like an old carton of milk. Trump turned on CNN and Jeff Zucker and CNN did the same to him. 

Stelter, who is supposed to be a media reporter, now spends 90% of his time bashing the President. 

Many inside CNN have told FTVLive they are embarrassed by the network's coverage. But, Zucker describes the morale at CNN as "incredibly high" amid the President's attacks.

"What a complete joke," a CNN staffer told FTVLive. "It's like Zucker is twisting the truth, just like Trump does," the staffer added. 

Let's forget CNN and turn to Fox News.

Trump praised Fox News morning show "Fox and Friends" and how they cover him. Of course he likes F&F because they are his biggest cheerleaders, besides Sean Hannity.

Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocey and the guy that sits across from Steve Doocey are so far in bag for Trump..... the show is (as Trump likes to say) unwatchable. 

Then there's Shepard Smith. 

Smith is not afraid to go against the tide at Fox News and he will tell it like it is. Yesterday, after Trump's presser, smith laid down a few truth bombs. He wasn't mean, he was honest in his reporting. 

Smith said what many are thinking and what many of the Fox News faithful need to hear. 

Smith gave a damn near perfect take as to what happen. Unlike CNN, he did not make it all about him and he didn't do it in a mean spirit. He just told it like it was and that is something CNN might want to watch and learn. 

Take it away Shep: