Station Sells in The Spectrum, Staff is Screwed

FTVLive warmed you months and months ago that this was going to happen and now it has.

A TV station figured out that they were worth more in the FCC spectrum auction and decided to sellout. 

A staff meeting was called at WBIN (Concord, NH) and most were told they are now out of a job. 

Just like that. 

The station said that it “will cease broadcasting in the coming months” after selling its television broadcasting rights to the FCC.

The news operation was shutdown immediately.

Sources said a majority of the staff was laid off at the meeting on Friday. There was no warning before their final broadcast on Thursday night.

The state has been in contact with human resources at WBIN and will be providing "rapid response" services for those employees affected by the announcement. 

The station sold in the auction for $100 million bucks, which was way more then it could have ever been sold as a TV station. 

Despite the fact that the owners will be pocketing millions in profit, they told their loyal staff to hit the road with just a few minutes notice. 

“Many of our employees at WBIN-TV and NH1 News will be transferred to our other media businesses. Our commitment to New Hampshire and local news has never been stronger,” said station owner Bill Binnie.  

Right after saying that his company's commitment to, "local news has never been stronger" a pig fly out of his ass. 

H/T New Hamphire Union Leader