Jeff Zucker: Trump's Attacks Have Not Hurt CNN's Brand

Try to read this without snickering....

CNN boss Jeff Zucker told a lunch crowd of Reporters, "I was concerned that after a year of being called 'fake news' that there may have been some kind of impact on the brand," Zucker said.

"We spent a month investigating this" he added "and I'm happy to say there has been no diminution whatsoever in the CNN brand it is as strong as it's ever been,  incredibly trusted, and we've seen no impact whatsoever from all of those attacks."

Zucker said that the "investigation" talked to 2,000 people. 

All 2,000 of them must be related to someone that works at CNN.

Try going out at lunch Today and ask some random people about CNN and their coverage. I promise you that, "incredibly trusted" will not be uttered one time. 

Jeff Zucker has morphed into Donald Trump. 

While CNN thinks that Trump is unhinged from reality, we are just as sure that Zucker is as well. 

Zucker claims that 52% of the people trust CNN. Which means that almost half the people do not. This is what Zucker calls, "incredibly trusted".

As for Zucker's relationship with Trump, it's not good. He says that the two last spoke during a heated phone call in December, which Zucker described as "unpleasant." 

Since the two have become almost the exact same person, you can see why it was unpleasant.

Jeff Zucker is in as much denial as the President and sadly neither one of them can see it. 

H/T NY Daily News