Atlanta the Feeder Market to NBC

Do you want a job at NBC? Maybe you should move to Atlanta. 

It appears that NBC looks at the Atlanta TV market as their sort of Triple 4 club of TV news. 

It seems that the Peacock likes to find their next hires in the A-T-L. 

The latest to make the leap is WSB Investigative Reporter Jodie Fleischer. Fleischer is bouncing from Atlanta after 10 years and headed to join NBC O&O WRC as Investigative Reporter.

But, Fleischer is hardly the first to be plucked from Atlanta by the Peacock. 

Last week, Blayne Alexander departed NBC affiliate WXIA to join NBC Newschannel affiliate news service.  About a month ago, NBC hired WXIA investigative reporter Cadie Beck as network investigative correspondent.  Last year, WCAU hired Erin Coleman, and WNBC hired Erica Byfield, both from WSB.