It's Ratings....Time to Break the Silence

WNYT Meteorologist Jason Gough says that he was abused by his aunt as a child and now he is "breaking his silence."

Gough says his aunt, who is now dead, sexually abused him and he is telling his story to only one station. 

His own. 

First, it's brave of Gough to come forward and tell his story, but when it happens during a book, it just screams ratings grab.

Also, there are a number of assault victims that want to come forward to tell their stories as well. Why do stations feel they have to use their own people?

This "all about me" generation of TV news needs to rethink their course. 

To not appear to be a sleazy sweeps stunt, Gough might have told his story to a magazine or a local paper.

The bottom line, when you do it on your station and do it during a ratings period, the message is muddled. 

The station can spin the story all they want. In the end, it looks like a exploited attempt to get a few more eyeballs.