Looks like there is Another Lefty in the Sinclair Food Chain

FTVLive has been imploring TV news people not to post their political leanings on social media.

Doing so ruins your credibility and could end up costing you your job. 

FTVLive FIRST told you that Sinclair had fired one EP and suspended another for making left leaning posts on social media. 

FTVLive also FIRST told you that Sinclair's VP of News, Scott Livingston sent out an internal email, that Livingston had been looking at station reports and employee's social media accounts and he saw some liberal leanings. 

Well it appears that not all the Sinclair employees read the memo. 

Let's look at some of the Facebook post made by Chief Photographer Kyle Cooper at WHP. 

If I were Cooper, I would be deleting those posts before Livingston or another Sinclair suit reads them. 

Despite your leanings right or left, if you want to work in TV news and do your job correctly, you need to STFU.

The job your could save, might be your own.