Nexstar's Mandatory Volunteer Work

Mandatory volunteer work, how's that for an oxymoron?

But that is what one Nexstar employee tells FTVLive that happened. 

It seems that Nexstar CEO Perry Sook, the same Perry Sook that won the RTDNA First Amendment award and the same Perry Sook that sent a cease and desist letter to FTVLive  (talk about oxymorons) to stop reporting on his company, had an idea. 

Sook behind Nexstar Founder's Day of Caring.

Sources say this is a day where employees "volunteer" for community work and Perry Sook the credit.  

Word is that at one Nexstar station, only one person signed up to volunteer.

An insider tells FTVLive the reason for so littler participation was that many on staff felt that, "this was less about public service and more about making Perry look good."

The employee says that the staff agreed they would rather give back to the community in a way that wasn't propaganda.  

But, when only one person volunteered, the station changed it to mandatory "volunteer" work.  Everyone was assigned to give at least 4 hours during the work day to accept donations at the station and help sort them.  "We were paid our normal salaries during this time", one staffer said to FTVLive.  

All stations were told to shoot video of their people "volunteering" and to send it back to corporate to be assembled into a package that was later a mandated run at all affiliates.  

Word is the story was focused almost completely on Sook, who quite mysteriously, he wasn't shown doing any actual volunteer work.

Maybe he was busy writing more cease and desist letters. 

Just saying....