Nexstar Launches Investigation in Leak

FTVLive told you that Nexstar issued a "Cease and Desist" letter from their attorney, after we reported on their "News Director Playbook".

As one Nexstar staffer said to FTVLive, "with like like Nexstar producers aren't "stackers and packers;" they are content crafters it hardly seems like proprietary and trade secret information".

It sounds more like Dr. Seuss to us. 

Anyway, along with releasing the lawyers onto FTVLive, sources tell us that a "major investigation" has been launched by the company to find out, "who leaked the document" to FTVLive. 

The News Directors were told to keep the playbook under lock and key and the idea that this somehow got out has Perry pissed.

Perry Sook, who was honored with a First Amendment award is not happy that when someone starts reporting on the inner workings of his publicly traded company. 

It seems that in Sook's world the First Amendment only works one way. 

People are now being asked if they are responsible for the leak? 

Not sure if this is a media company, or the KGB? But you now know why Nexstar was picked as the worst media company to work for.