Boston Reporter Fired Almost Immediately After Being Hired

Well this is one story that will make A.J. Clemente smile....

WGBH (Boston) hired former WBZ meteorologist Mish Michaels to be the station's new Science Reporter.

There was a small problem, it seems Michaels doesn’t believe in science. 

Michaels has been outspoken in her controversial belief that vaccines cause autism and that had some at the station questioning if she was the right person for the job of Science Reporter?

The Boston Globe writes that among those who wondered whether Michaels was right for the job was Jim Braude, host of WGBH News’s “Greater Boston,” for which Michaels was supposed to report stories. We’re told that Braude this week raised his concerns with station bosses, including WGBH News GM Phil Redo and “Greater Boston” executive producer Bob Dumas, and they have since changed their minds.

“The decision was made that [Michaels] is not a good fit for ‘Greater Boston’ and she won’t be working there,” Braude told us late Wednesday.

Reached on her cellphone Wednesday, Michaels said she would call back, but has not. Nor did she respond to an e-mail seeking comment. She had announced her new job in a now-deleted tweet on Jan. 31. 

In addition to her skepticism about the scientific consensus on vaccines and autism, Michaels also isn’t on board with the widely-accepted science related to climate change. On her website, she writes: “I spent hours and hours reading about climate science to be able to generate related stories. Given my exposures to date, I do feel strongly that politics has warped the scientific process and natural variation has a much stronger hand than humans do.”