Those that do, do....Those That Can't, Teach

Yesterday FTVLive told you about how Fox O&O KSAZ in Phoenix sent out a memo to the Photographers, telling them they were not pulling their weight when it came to social media. 

The Photographers at The Firm station got chewed out in an email from News Director Doug Bannard for being at the bottom of the list on social media. 

Here's the memo:


As we pointed out, now the Shooters have to go to social media class at the station and learn how to post compelling shit to their Twitter. 

The "Jeff" that is mentioned in the email is Jeff Moriarty, who is the Social Media and Engagement Manager for KSAZ (fancy title there Jeff).  

But as FTVLive told you, Moriarty has just 649 followers on Twitter and the last tweet he sent out was in March. 

But it should be OK, because News Director Doug Bannard will also be showing the Shooters how to use social media. 

So let's check Doug's Twitter account which we're sure is packed with lots of compelling content and good stuff.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 5.33.05 AM.png

Wait a second! KSAZ's News Director has only 7 followers and has only sent out one tweet since April 2009? 


What the hell does this guy know about social media?

Also, why do the poor Photogs have to post crap when the News Director and  Social Media Manager don't? 

We're asking the tough questions. 

By the way Doug, I love your profile picture.