Woman Shot and Killed... Isn't That Hilarious!

No matter how many times we report on this crap, it seems Today's Journalists just don't care. 

WKRG (Mobile) Reporter Hayley Minogue was doing a live shot from the Mobile Police Department about a woman that was shot and killed. 

A very sad story and even more so around the holidays. 

While at the PD covering the story, Minogue also had this photo taken and posted it to her Facebook page. 

Yep, a woman is shot and killed Hayley Minogue seems to think it's hilarious. Then when some post the caption, " Stay sexy and don't get murdered".... Minogue replied back with "Exactly".

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 6.42.09 AM.png

So, a woman being shot and killed is now a caption contest? 

If I was Hayley Minogue's News Director, I would call her in, explain to her how a woman being shot and killed is not funny and not the time or the place for a caption contest. Then I would give her a few days off without pay to let her think about if a career in Journalism is really for her?

A woman was killed.... it's not funny.