Out the Door in Huntsville


Longtime WAFF (Huntsville, AL) Anchor Mark Thornhill is gone from the Raycom station, but he was not laid off.

So what happened? 

"It's about Mark, and I appreciate you asking about him," WAFF News Director Bob Morford said. "The truth is we can confirm for you that Mark is no longer at WAFF. Other than that, we simply do not discuss personnel matters. The truth is they're personal and they're confidential, and we just don't discuss them as company policy."

Morford did say that Thornhill's departure was not related to the Raycom layoffs and it was also was not a retirement.

You have to love how those in the communications business dance around issues. Would they accept those answers from the Mayor of Huntsville?


So, why is it OK for them? 

Thornhill was at WAFF for more than two decades, starting in 1991 as sports director, according to his agent's website. He became evening anchor for the station in 1994.

H/T AL.com