He Was Sent Homer Without Pay

Two days ago, FTVLive told you about Teddy Homer, a Producer at Sinclair owned WGME in Portland.

Homer is not a fan of President Trump and he did not hide his feeling about that on his social media. 


FTVLive did a story about Homer's tweets and followed it up yesterday when he still didn't seem to get why as a Journalist, that was wrong? 

No Journalist should post their personal opinions on social media....period. It's wrong.

But when the company you work for is totally in the tank for Trump, it's really not a wise thing to do. 

Yesterday, Teddy Homer sent this DM to FTVLive: 

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 4.42.52 AM.png

It seems that Teddy thinks this is FTVLive's fault that he was sent Homer (sorry, couldn't resist). 

Sorry Teddy, but it was your actions and your posts on social media (which anyone can view) that got you in the place you are. 

You say that if FTVLive never pointed out what you were posting, you would not have been suspended.

But, if you never posted it, FTVLive never would have seen it. 

The idea that Sinclair didn't see it until it was on FTVLive....well that says a lot about Sinclair as a company doesn't it?

FTVLive has never gotten a single person fired or suspended, those people did so with their own actions.

If a cop beats a man and it is all captured on the officer's dashboard camera and he ends up being fired, is it the camera's fault or the cop's?

Before you blame FTVLive Teddy, look at yourself, learn from the mistake and decide if being a Journalist is what you want to do? If it is, you can easily find another job by telling your new prospective employer exactly what happened and say that you learned from your mistake.

If not, find a job outside of TV and feel free to tell the President to "fuck off" all you want.