Hypocrisy at its Finest

If you want to see the definition of hypocrisy, you just needed to turn on the newscast of WNYW Fox 5 in New York yesterday. 

The station played the Harvey Weinstein story at the top of all their newscasts yesterday. It's a big story no doubt and it needs to be told. 

But, the Fox-owned station completely ignored almost the exact same story when the subject matter was Roger Ailes. 

The story of one of the most powerful people in TV involved in sexual misconduct with women, not a story. When one of the most powerful men in Hollywood does it, lead story. 

Try finding a story in the WNYW archives about Bill O'Reilly's firing for sexual misconduct. We tried and couldn't. 

It seems that the Fox O&O is very good at delivering the dirt when the story isn't about one of their own. 

And to think, some people don't trust the media. 

I wonder why?