Oh Homer

Yesterday, FTVLive told you about WGME (Portland, Maine) Producer Teddy Homer. 

Homer works for the Sinclair station and by looking at his tweets, it seems that he is not a fan of President Trump. 


After FTVLive posted the story, Homer was still posting tweets on his page bashing the President. But, then someone at Sinclair pointed him to the FTVLive story and Homer started deleting tweets and then locked his page. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 4.13.24 AM.png

He then sent this DM to FTVLIve:

Hi. I appreciate the attention and you raise a good point that people who report the news ought to mind their personal opinions online. What I am able to do and pride myself on is seeing news and my opinions as separate things. Out of concern for my financial well being, I've deleted as many tweets criticizing the president as i had energy to do tonight. What your post amounts to as I see it is putting up click bait and ringing a bell at the expense of putting a blue-collar producer's job at risk for entertainment. I hope you get what you want, and you seem to be just the sort to post my message as an update to your article, so I expect that too.

Well, Teddy, it's great that you are able to pride yourself "on is seeing news and my opinions as separate things". But, the problem is the viewers don't. They see that you hate the President and then every story in your newscasts, no matter how fairly it is written and reported is looked at as biased.

You started off your DM saying that FTVLive raises "a good point that people who report the news ought to mind their personal opinions online."

Then you go on to say your special and the rules are different for you.

Sorry, Teddy, they're not. 

When you decided to become a Journalist, the rules change. Your job is to be objective and not let your personal beliefs be on display. 

I know you grew up in a time where everyone played, we didn't keep score and everyone got a trophy, but now you're in the real world. 

Now, people are keeping score and when you tell the President to "fuck off" at the same time you are Producing a newscast that includes stories about the President, there is no one that sees your coverage as fair. 

FTVLive's job is to report the news about TV news. Our job is to keep an eye on the industry and report what is happening, good or bad. 

Although people have lost their jobs after a story has appeared on this website, we did not get them fired, their own actions did. 

As for us updating stories? Yes, we do that. It's called a follow-up and more stations should do a better job of following up some of the stories they report on. 

Also, as someone that spent years in the Producer ranks, I can assure you, the job is far from "blue-collar."

Just saying... 

Oh! By the way, if you think Teddy Homer's Twitter page is scary, you should see his Fcaebook:

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 6.54.26 AM.png