Sinclair Runs Hit Piece on the Washington Post

Speaking of Sinclair....

Their stations have started running a hit piece against the Washington Post, who first reported that Sinclair had cut a deal with Trump to give him more and favorable news coverage. 

Funny thing is, the Post was just quoting Trump's own son-in-law Jared Kushner who was the person that talked about the Trump deal. 

But, Sinclair doesn't want to attack someone in the Trump family, so they are going after the messenger. 

Last night on KMPH in Fresno, Anchor Gia Vang lead into the story by asking "what's happened to the Washington Post?"

They then to their "Fox 26 News National Correspondent" Kristine Frazao who then starting blasting the Post with both barrels again not saying anyone negative towards Trump's son-in-law that actually talked about the deal between Sinclair and the Trump campaign. 

If you watch the pieces Sinclair did on Trump during the campaign, they were mostly positive and the questions to Trump were nothing more than giant softballs. 

There is little doubt that Sinclair was completely in the tank for Trump and their denials and hit pieces is only making them look like excuses.