End of an Era in Seattle

FTVLive FIRST told you before anyone else that Tegna was pulling the plug on Northwest Cable News. 

Tomorrow, Tegna will shutdown NWCN for good. 

“I think the adoption of new technology just happens at a much more rapid-fire pace here than other parts of the country,” Rose said, pointing to smartphones and tablets and other devices that people are turning to for regional and other news. This means the NWCN model no longer made financial sense for Tegna.

So basically, Tegna is saying that cable news operations are not viable these days. I wonder if the people at Fox News and CNN know this? 

Rose says that a total of about 25 employees are affected by the shutdown, but that more than half of those have found other jobs within the company here in Seattle or elsewhere with Tegna stations. 

The station went on the air in December of 1995, 

Not it will die and only live on as a page on wikipedia. 

Thanks Tegna.....

H/T MyNorthwest.com