Megyn Vs. The Rock

NBC has not announced it yet, but it appears that they are going to put Megyn Kelly on at 9AM. 

She will be sandwiched between The Today Show and Later Today Show with Hoda and Kathy Lee. This gives Kelly the least chance to fail. 

This is a smart move by NBC and gives Kelly the least chance to fail. It's almost the same situation she had a Fox News. O'Reilly on one side Hannity on the other. You could put mute Monk in that spot and it would still get huge ratings. That's why Fox News will be able to fill Kelly's old spot and not miss a beat. 

As for NBC and how ironic is this, Megyn Kelly is essentially replacing Billy Bush on the Today Show. When NBC hired Bush, he was expected to play a huge role in The Today Show's 9AM hour. 

But, NBC fired Bush after a video of him and Donald Trump surfaced with the two objectifying women and talking about grabbing them by the pussy. 

So, ironically, Donald Trump helped Megyn Kelly get hired at NBC, by helping get Billy Bush pushed out. 

Chew on that for a bit. 

The other spot NBC has planned for Kelly is a Sunday evening newsmagazine show. But since NBC has football for half the year on NBC, it seems the show might have trouble gaining traction. Or maybe NBC is just looking at Kelly's Sunday night show as a place card holder between football seasons. 

But, if NBC really thinks this will be a success, they have very short memories. 

You might remember Rock Center on NBC. It was a news magazine show that featured, Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw, Bob Costas, Meredith Vieira, Ted Kopel, Harry Smith, Matt Lauer and a host of other names bigger than Megyn Kelly. 

It failed. 

If Brokaw, Lauer, Costas and Kopel can't make it, how the hell does NBC expect Megyn Kelly to do it? 

Think about it....because NBC surely hasn't.