Sinclair Starts Chopping

Yesterday, FTVLive told you FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY that Sinclair was likely going to start making layoffs and it was going to start very soon. 

Not more than a few hours after FTVLive posted that story, employees starting getting called into the office and told they were being let go. 

A dozen were bounced at KOMO in Seattle alone. The station gutted the investigative unit and word is that is happening it other Sinclair station around the country. 

Mandatory meetings have been called at some Sinclair stations for next week. Sources tell FTVLive that any jobs that were open at the end of 2016, stations have been told they are gone and can only be filled with corporate approval. 

It appears that the layoffs will continue fast and furious for the rest of this week. 

My advice is call in sick and don't answer your phone. 

It least it will make the hatchet person's job a bit tougher.