Time Out from the Countdown for Megyn Kelly News

The rumors were that Megyn Kelly was going to CNN, then they said she was going to ABC. 

It now looks like Megyn Kelly will be going to NBC to do a news type talkshow.

Yes the same NBC that cratered the career of Sam Champion and Josh Elliot is reportedly hiring Megyn Kelly. 

CNN Media Critic Brian Stelter says that, "Kelly's decision is comparable to Katie Couric leaving NBC eleven years ago."

Ummmm....how did that work out for her?

As for the talkshow. Katie Couric had a talkshow... it failed. Meredith Vieira had a talkshow...it also failed. 

So what does Megyn Kelly and NBC think it will be different this time?

Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira were both much bigger names then Megyn Kelly. Kelly might be a big name in the cable world, but she is nowhere in the league with both Couric and Vieira in their prime. 

Kelly's ego is thinking the outcome will be different. It won't be. 

Give it two years before NBC folds on the Megyn Kelly experiment. 

Then you'll see her join Champion and Elliot on the highway to obscurity. 

Her ego would not let her stay at Fox News, but that is exactly what she should have done.