The Best Person in TV News No. - 2

We are almost at the top and it is time to find out who is the 2nd Best person in TV news for 2016 and that person is....

WGN's Paul Konrad.

Konrad came so close to making it a two year sweep for WGN and their morning news. Last year, Kornad's co-worker Robin Baumgarten was our pick as the Best person in TV news for 2015. 

Konrad falls just one spot shy of making it a double for WGN. 

Konrad is the Weather Anchor for WGN morning news, but he is so much more than that. It does skits that are hilarious and when they aren't funny, then end up being funny in the fact they aren't funny. 

His WGN Courtesy Desk segments are much watch television. 

He's also not scared of dropping a truth bomb when he thinks it is needed. Taking about WGN Morning News, he once said, "This show blows and their is not one once of credibility..."

But added that "this crap is still No. 1". 

Well Paul, you're not number 1, but you are No. 2 and that pretty damn good. 

Whatever WGN is paying you, it's not nearly enough and you can brighten up peoples days on even the ugliest of Chicago mornings. 

Check back next hour to see who is THE Worst person in TV news in 2016.