The WORST Person in TV News - No. 1

Well we have made it to the top of the Worst and this one was the easiest pick. Of the hundred or so people we talked to, everyone put this person's name on the list. And it is....

Jeff Zucker from CNN. 

The guy that threw out news for wall to wall coverage of a plane that still has never been found, took it up a level in 2016 with his wall to wall Donald Trump coverage. 

CNN gave up on news almost as soon as 2016 kicked off and you can thank Jeff Zucker for that. Zucker found out early on that covering Donald Trump meant ratings and it meant dollars and he didn't give a shit that there was little news value. 

"There is a special place in hell for Jeff Zucker, " said one former TV agent talking about the CNN President. 

Zucker has helped CNN lose all credibility and is now nothing more than a laughing stock of the industry. 

When you see Don Lemon get drunk on the air at New Year's two years in a row, who do you think OK'd that? Jeff Zucker. 

The guy has ruined CNN to the point that it is nothing more than train wreck television and is only worth watching to laugh at it. 

Longtime CNN staffers have contacted FTVLive and said how much they hate what has become of the network. 

At one point, Anderson Cooper was considered a damn good Journalist. Now, he's getting wrapped in tin foil on New Year's Eve.

The network is nothing more than a giant embarrassment and sadly, Zucker is fine with it as long as people are watching. 

But, since the election in which CNN was awful and wrong in covering, the network has watched their ratings slip. Zucker also oversees HLN which is basically not even a network anymore. 

If HLN did not have Robin Meade, it is likely the doors would be shut, the lights turned off and something else would take it's place. 

Jeff Zucker was known as the guy that ruined NBC and now he will forever be known as the guy that wrecked CNN.

As one network executive told FTVLive, "Zucker didn't just give CNN a black-eye, he gave it to all of Journalism."

Congrats Jeff, you are the Worst of the Worst for 2016. 

Check back next hour to see who is the best of the best.