The BEST Person in TV News No. - 1

Well, we have finally made it to the Best of the Best and the top person in TV news for 2016. That person is....

Homa Bash of KXAS. 

Homa Bash, along with having maybe the best name in TV news is one of the most positive people you will ever meet.

This Women is inspiring with he attitude. She's also a damn good Reporter. Bash started 2016 working at WEWS in Cleveland and ended the year working at KXAS in Dallas. But, Bash should be able to work in any market she wants or network. She works hard and does it all the time with a smile on her face. 

Viewers and co-workers love her and she loves them. She also loves sweets and when I say loves them, I mean LOVES them. 

Bash has made it her personal quest to try every milkshake place in America and then let's her social media fans know what she thinks. 

She is a MUST follow on Twitter. She uses social media perfectly. She Tweets about News and is very funny and does not mind poking fun at herself. She also eats desserts like it is no ones business and of course she tweets about that as well. 

She should weigh 400 pounds, but surprisingly she does not. She also doesn't seem to worry too much if the milkshakes finally get the best of her. 

We can't tell you how many times Homa Bash has brighten our day with one of her tweets. She loves life and she loves telling people's stories. She really is the perfect person to have in a newsroom.

If everyone was just half as positive as Homa Bash, this would be a much better world to live in. 

Right now, Homa is at work while suffering from the flu. But she still keeps her sense of humor and her love of milkshakes alive. 

She tweeted this out about a half hour ago. 

She inspires people and you can't interact with her without smiling. 

And that makes Homa Bash our BEST person in TV news in 2016.