A New Way To Battle Comcast


You would think by now, the folks at Comcast (and Time-Warner and CenturyLink and DirecTV, etc.) would figure out that customer service is the only way they're going to keep generating the same kind of revenue. Remember his prime example of "Comcast Cares" FTVLive showed you a few weeks ago?

Well there's help when you dread calling Comcast customer service. You can now hire a 'chat robot'. A guy out in San Francisco started a company called Trim that will deal with Comcast for you, whether you want to lower your bill, your internet is slow, or you're still waiting for the repairman to show up a week later.

Philly.com pointed out that Comcast CEO Brian Roberts talked about how artificial intelligence will be important for the company's future. We're pretty sure he didn't mean in this way. What's even funnier is that Comcast was contacted about the 'chat robot' and they actually responded saying that they were aware that it seemed to work pretty well. What? How about you address your crappy customer service, instead of giving kudos to a service that was invented to deal with what your customers hate about you?

To be fair, the folks at Trim need to realize that a lot of people use Safari and Firefox, so they need to fix that "Chrome Only" extension on their website.

Good thing there's Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Netflix.