The Worst Person in TV News No. - 2

We are at the deuce position of the countdown and it is time to find out who the 2nd Worst person in TV news is. That goes to.....

Perry Sook of Nexstar.

Sook is the one that got nominated by more people in emails to FTVLive. This is the guy that runs Nexstar and cares only about making money and not one once about TV news. 

His company takes over stations and proceeds to gut them and run them into the ground. Everything is done with thoughts on the budget first and news value you second. We can assure you, if you work at a Nexstar station, Perry Sook cares more about the shareholder than he does about you. 

He also is so vain that he makes Nexstar stations run stories about him, even if the story has absolutely no impact on the viewers in that market. 

Sook's Nexstar was voted as the Worst station ownership group by FTVLive back in November. 

In a couple of weeks, Nexstar will be taking over a number of Media General stations and the people that work there are screwed. You will soon be learning that news means nothing and saving and making money is what it is all about. 

Many of you will be gone from your station before the ned of the year. Some will be fired, laid off, push out, whatever you want to call it. Many of you will just leave to get the hell out of Nexstar and find a job with another company.

We can assure you, you will be sooooo happy when that day comes. 

But, when you leave, don't expect Sook to care one bit. He'll just tell you boss to fill the job with someone that is cheaper then you are. 

Next hour we tell you who is No. 2 on the best list.