The Best Person in TV News No. - 3

This hour it is time to name the 3rd Best person in TV news for 2016 and that honor goes to.....

KCBS News Director Bill Dallman. 

Dallman took over the reigns at KCBS in August 2015 and has tried to guide the CBS O&O in the right direction. 

Dallman is a rare breed in a News Director in that the fact that he is honest and straight forward. You might not like what he always says, but he gives it to you straight. But, he is also one hell of a nice guy. 

For years, Dallman was stuck at Fox O&O's where he wasn't allowed to pass gas without corporate approval. Now he's in a job with a company that let's hime post to his private social media and answer questions when asked. 

He is one of those guys that you would like to work for and a boss that sees you more than just a line on a budget sheet. 

If you ever have Bill Dallman as your boss, consider yourself lucky. Also, even if you don't like hockey, pretend you do. It will score you some extra brownie points I can assure you. 

Stop back in and hour to see who is the No. 2 Worst person in TV news in 2016.