The Worst Person in TV News No. - 3

We inch our way closer to the top and right now we are at the 3rd Worst person in TV news and it is.....

Don Lemon of CNN.

Lemon was sitting just outside the Top 5, but his antics on New Year's Eve moved him into the Top 5, way to go Don. 

Lemon embarrassed himself, but more importantly he embarrassed all of CNN, which is no easy task these days. 

Lemon got drunk on the air, got his ear pierced for God only knows why and then tried to turn his network into a dating site by telling viewers he was ready to hook up in 2017. 

Soledad O'Brien summed it all up in a Tweet. 

But New Year's Eve was not Lemon's only boneheaded moves of the year. 

Lemon is also the only holdover from last year's worst list, where he came in at No. 2. This year he is No. 3, so we guess he's improving. 

Check back next hour to see who is the 3rd BEST person on the list.