DC Anchor to Step Away from the Anchor Desk

WUSA Anchor Kristen Berset told viewers that she needs to take some time away from the station to battle her second fight against breast cancer. 

No woman should ever have to fight this awful disease and let's hope that the cure is right around the corner. The idea that Berset has to take on this awful foe for a second time, just breaks our heart. 

Sadly, I lost my mom to breast cancer and the thought of any woman being locked in this battle, just flat out pisses me off. 

FTVLive is wishing Kristen Berset all the best and commend her for her courage and strength to kick cancer's ass for the second time. 

Here is what she told viewers. 

If you feel the urge to help fight this awful disease, here is one place you can donate to help woman not have to go through what Kristen is going through a second time. 

Kick Cancer's Ass Kristen and we look forward to seeing you on the news again soon!